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A bit about Annette and Peter et cetera


Corsica 2018

Julie and Annette

Julie and Annette enjoying a summernight at our porch

Kongelige Teater

Martha, William, Julie and an actor she knows at the Royal Theater in Copenhagen

Annettes family

Annette with her daughter and grandchildren

Annette and Peter

We usually sing and play guitar in the weekends

Nikolaj Nocon Kahlke   Kristoffer Nocon Kahlke   Christoffer Hatt-Halken   Jakob Alrøe

Our Sons and Sons-in-law





By the way:
I have heard that the danish company
LEGO has been inspired by Trump


Visiting Ragnarock Museum in Roskilde - with Jacinta and Paul

Anna Lucie

Anna-Lucie and Christoffer are waiting for Peanut to arrive in May


Peter with a Levin guitar from 1946

Rune and Elliott

Rune and our youngest grandchild Elliott

Lyngby, March 2019

Trump LEGO